Rocco Basile On Salt Water Tank Construction

If you are interested in conserving water or keeping fish in your compound, you need to consider using modern tank construction methods to save on materials and to achieve the perfect structure that can give you lasting results. One of the options you have in salt water construction is glass, which, unlike metal, is recommended because of the fact it does not get corroded by the salt.

Rocco Basile is an expert in construction whose contribution to building technologies has brought new solutions that target offering easy ways of developing structures while upholding the qualities needed to maintain usefulness for a long period of time. Rocco founded Avo Construction and has been working with clients in different fields who seek construction solutions from him. He points out some of the things you should, as a developer, focus on when building a salt water aquarium.

Plan ahead

Without planning, a construction project is as good as dead. You need to have a concise plan that enumerates some of the things you are sure will help you implement your ideas swiftly and with high levels of accuracy. This could include choosing what technologies to work with as well as the materials to use on the project. You also need to lay out your budget so as to come up with solutions to the materials that are necessary to give you a perfect tank while saving on overall cost of construction.

Maintaining accuracy

For those doing DIY projects for tanks, measurements are a vital part of the project that you must pay attention to. Taking the right measurements is as important as availing quality materials. Lack of accuracy could lead you into errors that could turn out costly to fix in the long run. You need to ensure everything that should be fixed is worked on well to avoid future costs on unnecessary repairs and replacements. Remember your tank will be as reliable as you will make it to be.

Choosing the right adhesive

If glass is your preferred material for building a salt water tank, you need to choose the right adhesive. There are many variants in the market that you could choose but you should only focus on reputable brands that hold glass well and for a long period of time. It would be better if you chose adhesive that is specifically made for glass fittings. You also need to apply the adhesive correctly and in the right amounts to achieve the effect you want.

Economizing on construction

There are many ways you could minimize costs of construction and this ranges from having the right materials to using your own custom methods to cut on labor costs. You can increase safety by choosing thicker glass and this allows you to prevent costs of repairs due to breakages. The point is to keep costs low even after completion and this can only be achieved with the right construction methods. Also shop around for materials to land suppliers who are willing to offer you discounted prices.

Aquarium Depot Continues To Lead The Business in Marine Life

Aquarium Depot GraphBuying an aquarium or even fish for your aquarium has been a growing trend since the  early 1980’s. The fish market and the idea of keeping fish as pets didn’t begin to get popular until the mid 90’s which, of course, led to an increase in fish sales and the creating of more fish businesses much like Aquarium Depot who have been in the fish market long before any of their competitors.

Aquarium Depot doesn’t sell fish per’say, but the popular marine life company does manage to make countless customers happy with their wide variety of coral, life food for your fish and living invertebrate to choose from, such as starfish. Earlier in 2010, sea life enthusiast and customer of Aquarium Depot, Marie Porter, had said the thriving company is her desired “hot spot” to find exactly what she needed for her dozens of aquariums at home. Mrs. Porter also added that in her neighborhood, “Aquarium Depot blows the competition out of the water” with a definite pun intended.

Before buying fish, if you haven’t done so already, there are a few things you will need to know such as understanding the differences in fish, what fish eat, if fish will eat your other fish or snails in the aquarium as well as being aware of fish scams.

Promoting Saltwater Reef Tanks for Enhanced Environmental Awareness

55_Gallon_Reef_TankThere have been increasingly sophisticated efforts made at addressing environmental issues such as the continuing loss of coral reefs throughout the world, but perhaps there is an incredibly simple approach that can utilized to assist in addressing the problem in a complementary way. After all, the issue has become so problematic that the highly sophisticated measures currently being implemented are absolutely necessary to properly address the issue, but it does not mean that the additional use of supplemental strategies such as the ones popularized by Behrman Communications are not worth including in the overall effort.

Approaching the issue of the worldwide decline of coral reefs from a PR perspective could indeed generate a greater degree of support for the more advanced methodologies currently being investigated. Through the widespread promotion of saltwater reef tanks, those who take up this wonderful avocation will surely develop an emotional connection with all of the vast and diverse forms of marine life that depend on coral reefs for their continued survival as a species. This is certainly an indirect approach to the issue, but it will nonetheless succeed in yielding significant increases in the level of interest and support for addressing the problems affecting the coral reefs before it is too late.

As it currently stands, there are still far too many people who view the care requirements of a saltwater reef tank as being too demanding and too time-consuming to be worthwhile. Despite this perception, a wildly popular film like “Finding Nemo” was still able to generate a significant spike in the interest in maintaining a saltwater reef tank. Through a focused PR approach that generates similar interest while also dispelling the idea that caring for a saltwater tank is time-consuming or complicated, reef tanks will be able to become far more commonplace and will result in a greater degree of interest in addressing the existing threat to the survival of the world’s coral reefs.

An In-Depth Review of the BoldLeads System for Real Estate Agents

It has never been particularly easy for me to connect with real estate buyers and sellers in the area in which I work, and it was not that long ago that I often found myself working longer hours than some of my peers just to make sure I had new clients coming in through the pipeline. Of course, I quickly grew tired of having to outwork my colleagues just to do as well as they were doing, so I decided to do some research in order to find out if there was a better way to generate leads.

While doing some research on the subject, I came across several BoldLeads reviews that had been posted by other real estate agents. I was pleased with what I read and the system certainly sounded like an ideal approach for me to use in connecting with buyers and sellers, so I decided to give it a try with the hope that I could eliminate all of those extra hours I had been working just to bring in leads.

After several months using the system created by BoldLeads, I have been able to operate with greater efficiency and am quite happy to report that I have been outperforming many of my peers despite putting in fewer hours than I had been. For real estate agents looking to achieve similar results, I have briefly outlined some basic information that I believe will be helpful in explaining why BoldLeads is an outstanding option for agents in need of greater efficiency in lead generation.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Consider BoldLeads?

This system was designed by real estate professionals who possess a clear understanding of just how frustrating it can be to work tirelessly generating new leads that never pan out. Due to the fact that the system is fully automated and is capable of sorting potential leads based on the timeline in which they plan to buy or sell a home, real estate agents can spend their time working on more productive tasks while BoldLeads reviews each potential lead and opens the lines of communication in the most appropriate way possible.

How Does BoldLeads Identify Potential Leads?

BoldLeads sets up a landing page designed to provide buyers and sellers with home values and other information relating to the area real estate market. When a buyer or seller visits the page, the BoldLeads system is able to utilize the information they provide to begin the lead-generation process for the real estate agent. Depending on the information provided, the lead may receive an automated message that can begin a conversation with an agent about buying or selling a home.

Over the course of just a few months, BoldLeads has proven to be a boon for my real estate career. I spend so much less time and effort generating leads but still have access to more potential clients than ever before. I feel like this has made me a much better agent and I am sure this system will continue to be a vital professional tool for the foreseeable future.

Update: Review below.

BoldLeads Reviews Website

New Species of Crab Found Hiding in Plain Sight

When we think of the biologists who devote their lives to the study of a narrow subset of life occupying a specific ecological niche, we rarely imagine that during the course of their study an important scientific discovery would occur as the result of nothing more than a happy accident. It is certainly not the case that any outside observer would expect to hear that the discovery of a previously unknown species occurred in a pet shop, a place in which the most exotic of its inhabitants is hardly uncommon throughout the rest of the world. As the cliché goes, however, reality is often stranger than fiction.

The Vampire Crab, a previously undiscovered species of crab native to Java, Indonesia, was “discovered” in a number of pet shops (in fairness, the pet shops were considered of the “exotic” variety) throughout the United Kingdom. When a biology expert whose focus happened to be crabs came upon the exotic pets now likely to be occupying fish tanks throughout the UK, it must have been a moment of great surprise due to his unfamiliarity with the species. After consulting with other experts and researching the crabs further, it was confirmed that two new species of crab had been hiding out, as David Kravitz might say, in plain sight.

The crabs were dubbed Geosesarma dennerle and Geosesarma hagen, though it seems likely that the exotic pet shops will continue to refer to them as Vampire Crabs for simplicity’s sake. While there tends to be a certain amount ofdeference reserved for professions requiring a great deal of academic study or highly specialized training, it is also worth remembering that even the most talented and intelligent individuals sometimes enjoy professional success as the direct result of a happy and unexpected accident. In this case, venturing into an exotic pet shop yielded an important scientific discovery in which an undiscovered species can now be studied further.

Brandon Colker’s Book Gave Life To My Blog

Who would have thought about making a blog about crabs? I mean, isn’t that such a silly concept? Well, I would, obviously. I have been a reader of blogs for many many years before I decided to step into the blogging world and give it a try myself. One of the things I have noticed is that there are blog of everything you can imagine. From auto repair, to fitness, to computers and even hair. It turns out people are just writing and talking about their passions.



Eventually, I wondered online and discovered a book written and published by Brandon Colker in which he calls, “How To Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs” and I took it as a sign that maybe I should be writing on my own passions which happen to be, that’s right, crabs!

Crabs are so awesome and unique, interesting little creatures. Some, however can grow to be as big as a small dog! It honestly was Brandon Colkers book that encouraged me to take the jump and start this blog bringing you all sorts of crab facts.

Peter Lik is Better Than Crabs?

“What could be better than crabs?” That’s the tagline on this blog because I believe crabs are truly fascinating animals; it is my fascination with how unique they are as animals that captures me. A hard shell-like body like a turtle, but looks like a spider, but has pinchers like a scorpion and can live in and out of water? Fascinating! Upon research of crabs, I stumbled upon some breath-taking nature photos captured by master photographer Peter Lik.

Peter Lik has gotten to the point of his career where he could take of dirt and dust in a cave and have it being sold for millions of dollars. Why? Simply because he is Peter Lik, master photographer. You don’t have to tell him he does a good job or how much you love his pictures because as he once said, “I’m the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, most awarded photographer.” If I can get really good at mastering crabs, I wonder if I can be the Peter Lik of crabs; after all, I have worked with crabs all my life!

Reefs2Go Corals Review

Cabbage CoralsIn creating and maintaining a visually appealing saltwater tank that also provides a stable environment for its inhabitants, it is very difficult to overstate the importance of utilizing the right corals based on the unique needs of the tank. Longtime tank enthusiasts will understand the nuances relating to how corals have differing needs that may make them ideal for one tank but poorly suited for another.

It is therefore important to find a provider that makes a vast array of corals available so that it is possible to find those that are both aesthetically pleasing but also suitable additions to an existing tank. After having used the services of, it appears that such a provider has been found. occupies a unique niche in the world of online commerce, providing an incredibly vast selection of sea life and equipment that can be shipped directly to the customer. Founded by a pair of aquarists who developed such a deep love for their “Wet Pets” that it became clear that the only logical course of action would be to build a business around their passion, offers tremendous value to customers who utilize the services it provides.

The sea life offered by includes everything from anemones to sea stars, but the intent of this review is to discuss the corals that the company provides through its online store. As far as the selection and the diversity that the company is able to offer, it is hard to imagine that there is any other company that can rival’s exceptional inventory, and its stated desire to educate its customers with regard to proper handling and acclimation is certainly laudable as well.

The selection of corals available through the company is vast, representing corals of various shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The corals include those that are quite commonly found in most tanks along with others that are exceedingly rare and thus very difficult to find. These in-demand corals are not priced as though they are exceptionally rare, however, and it is fairly often that they can even be found at a reduced price through the site’s daily specials page. categorizes its corals in a number of ways, sorting them by type, cost, lighting requirements or by the availability of package deals. Regardless of how they are grouped on the site, it is exceptionally likely that just about any coral can be found through The company has hard corals and soft corals, large-polyp stony corals and small-polyp stony corals, Palythoas, Zoanthds and coral frags. It has corals that thrive in everything from low-light environments to high-light environments, making it more than likely that there will be more than enough coral options regardless of the type of tank.

With regard to the pricing of these corals, it is hard to imagine a more cost-efficient company to utilize. The corals are already priced at rates that are more than fair considering how they typically sell, and it is often the case that reduces the price of even the most in-demand of corals. The company’s inventory is so expansive that it appears that it is able to offer corals at prices that seem impossible to match elsewhere, and that is before checking out the daily specials that further reduce these costs.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the site’s offerings is how visually striking all of corals appear. There are certainly corals that have functional benefits and are ideal for practical purposes, but the aesthetic appeal of’s many corals is an obvious reason for the site’s ever-growing popularity. It is possible to order these corals at a deeply reduced cost by opting for coral frags, which can be ordered in increments beginning with 1-by-1-inch frags.

Since specializes in shipping its products, it is important to note the level of care the company consistently uses in packing. In addition to its policies that work to protect the consumer despite the rarity with which damage occurs during the shipping process, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that all of the corals it ships arrive safely to customers. While customers are sure to appreciate this level of care, the company’s philosophy is to value the well-being of its “Wet Pets” above all else. When the corals arrive via shipment, it is clear that has wholeheartedly adopted this philosophy.

Crab, Pet or Food

untitled (373) untitled (372)Crab owners are a little taken aback by the fact that their chosen pet is also food.  They spend hours watching the little critters play in the reef tank.  There is just so much you can do with a crab.  They don’t fetch and cuddling is out of the question.  The stupid crab wont even come when you call its name.  Here crabby…crabby.  No…nothing.  If I wanted a crab for a pet I would go with a stuffed one.  Kim Bettasso is a proud crab owner and would never eat a crab.  If only crab would not be so yummy.

Lost Crab

OK, I haven’t told the wife but the crab is missing.  Will it show up in her bed?  Will it get crunched under her shoe.  I know that the reef tank was all my idea but the escaped crab is a problem. imagesB85U5RHH untitled (323) If the little bugger does not show up soon he will die and stat smelling.  If he stinks up the house I will be in trouble.  The tank stunk enough but escaping crabs will not be acceptable to the wife.  I don’t have a clue where that crab has gone. Home For Life Animal Sanctuary has told me their ideas on where crabs hide and I will be looking there as soon as I can without the wife noticing.