Crab And Fish Business Could Prosper Internationally

A business owner learning from another business owner is perhaps one of the wisest things that could be done not only for the owner, but for the business as well. We all have something to learn from each other as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” but what is even more powerful is finding someone to teach what they know.

For example, Christina Duncan is the founder of a successful fish business titled “Reefs2Go” and it is based in Tampa, Florida. The shop sells just about everything fish related that could ever cross the imagination from aquariums, live fish food such as Copepods and Amphipods, Brine Shrimp and for a limited time, Phytoplankton. If crabs are your thing, you can most definitely search the entire Florida based warehouse, which contains a hefty selection, of different crabs to choose from such as Arrow Crabs, Blue Leg Crabs, Anemone Crabs, Black Sponge Crabs and so much more right from their Reefs2Go home website.

Although Christina Duncan is highly successful in this business, she could reap far more benefits by expanding outward internationally. Expanding a business into more territories is no easy task and it’s wise to be have the guidance of someone who has done it before as Luigi Wewege has. Luigi is the founder and CEO of an international financial firm based in Auckland, New Zealand named Vivier co. and knows a thing or two about working overseas right from his computer. With him being as busy as he is, it’s no easy task to interview the CEO Luigi Wewege, but it finally happened and all the information of his background to his success was revealed.

A fish business as fine as Reefs2Go could do well in other countries overseas because the American waters hold sea life those in other countries would appreciate and would never see unless brought to them by an international company.

Reef it UP

Look to Tonye Cole at for help on reef tanks.  Just because you live hundreds of miles from the ocean doesn’t mean you cant enjoy the beauty of the reef.  in your home you can build an personal reef home for cabs and other salt water creatures.  A reef tank can supply hours of fun and relaxation in you home.  It is so calming to observe the crabs in their environment and imagine the fun it would be to be a crab.  If only life was so simple.  Just sit back and enjoy the beauty and fun of your reef tank.

Building a Reef Tank Can Be a Simple Task

While a saltwater reef tank may seem like a daunting task to even the most experienced of fish-tank enthusiasts, building a reef tank from scratch does not have to be a complicated endeavor. In fact, a reef tank can be a project that is quite simple under the right circumstances.

The whole process requires a bit of patience, but the reward is well worth the wait. A reef tank is teeming with life in every corner, with corals and crabs working in conjunction with the fish and other marine life to form an incredibly entertaining aquarium.

While not everyone has the means to personally finance an $8-million reef aquarium project, it is possible to create a beautiful reef tank in any home and on any budget according to Adam Kutner. Again, a saltwater reef tank requires some initial patience, but the time spent in the early stages is quickly rewarded once the tank begins to take on a life of its own.

Better Crabs make the Tank

When planning out your reef tank, it is best to start with the best crabs.  Consider for amazing crabs. In building my Reef Tank I soon learned that the most important component are the crabs.  I have spent hours watching my crabs and their interactions in the reef tank. These intriguing creatures are truly fun and educational for children.  If you have been disappointed in the past with crabs purchased at the local pet store look to for the crabs you have been dreaming of.  These crabs are healthy and full of energy.  Keeping an eye on them is so much fun you will loose track of time.