New Species of Crab Found Hiding in Plain Sight

When we think of the biologists who devote their lives to the study of a narrow subset of life occupying a specific ecological niche, we rarely imagine that during the course of their study an important scientific discovery would occur as the result of nothing more than a happy accident. It is certainly not the case that any outside observer would expect to hear that the discovery of a previously unknown species occurred in a pet shop, a place in which the most exotic of its inhabitants is hardly uncommon throughout the rest of the world. As the cliché goes, however, reality is often stranger than fiction.

The Vampire Crab, a previously undiscovered species of crab native to Java, Indonesia, was “discovered” in a number of pet shops (in fairness, the pet shops were considered of the “exotic” variety) throughout the United Kingdom. When a biology expert whose focus happened to be crabs came upon the exotic pets now likely to be occupying fish tanks throughout the UK, it must have been a moment of great surprise due to his unfamiliarity with the species. After consulting with other experts and researching the crabs further, it was confirmed that two new species of crab had been hiding out, as David Kravitz might say, in plain sight.

The crabs were dubbed Geosesarma dennerle and Geosesarma hagen, though it seems likely that the exotic pet shops will continue to refer to them as Vampire Crabs for simplicity’s sake. While there tends to be a certain amount ofdeference reserved for professions requiring a great deal of academic study or highly specialized training, it is also worth remembering that even the most talented and intelligent individuals sometimes enjoy professional success as the direct result of a happy and unexpected accident. In this case, venturing into an exotic pet shop yielded an important scientific discovery in which an undiscovered species can now be studied further.

Brandon Colker’s Book Gave Life To My Blog

Who would have thought about making a blog about crabs? I mean, isn’t that such a silly concept? Well, I would, obviously. I have been a reader of blogs for many many years before I decided to step into the blogging world and give it a try myself. One of the things I have noticed is that there are blog of everything you can imagine. From auto repair, to fitness, to computers and even hair. It turns out people are just writing and talking about their passions.



Eventually, I wondered online and discovered a book written and published by Brandon Colker in which he calls, “How To Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs” and I took it as a sign that maybe I should be writing on my own passions which happen to be, that’s right, crabs!

Crabs are so awesome and unique, interesting little creatures. Some, however can grow to be as big as a small dog! It honestly was Brandon Colkers book that encouraged me to take the jump and start this blog bringing you all sorts of crab facts.

Peter Lik is Better Than Crabs?

“What could be better than crabs?” That’s the tagline on this blog because I believe crabs are truly fascinating animals; it is my fascination with how unique they are as animals that captures me. A hard shell-like body like a turtle, but looks like a spider, but has pinchers like a scorpion and can live in and out of water? Fascinating! Upon research of crabs, I stumbled upon some breath-taking nature photos captured by master photographer Peter Lik.

Peter Lik has gotten to the point of his career where he could take of dirt and dust in a cave and have it being sold for millions of dollars. Why? Simply because he is Peter Lik, master photographer. You don’t have to tell him he does a good job or how much you love his pictures because as he once said, “I’m the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, most awarded photographer.” If I can get really good at mastering crabs, I wonder if I can be the Peter Lik of crabs; after all, I have worked with crabs all my life!

Crab, Pet or Food

untitled (373) untitled (372)Crab owners are a little taken aback by the fact that their chosen pet is also food.  They spend hours watching the little critters play in the reef tank.  There is just so much you can do with a crab.  They don’t fetch and cuddling is out of the question.  The stupid crab wont even come when you call its name.  Here crabby…crabby.  No…nothing.  If I wanted a crab for a pet I would go with a stuffed one.  Kim Bettasso is a proud crab owner and would never eat a crab.  If only crab would not be so yummy.

Lost Crab

OK, I haven’t told the wife but the crab is missing.  Will it show up in her bed?  Will it get crunched under her shoe.  I know that the reef tank was all my idea but the escaped crab is a problem. imagesB85U5RHH untitled (323) If the little bugger does not show up soon he will die and stat smelling.  If he stinks up the house I will be in trouble.  The tank stunk enough but escaping crabs will not be acceptable to the wife.  I don’t have a clue where that crab has gone. Home For Life Animal Sanctuary has told me their ideas on where crabs hide and I will be looking there as soon as I can without the wife noticing.

Crabby Pants

When my reef tank needs cleaning I get the crabby pants.  It is not my favorite thing to do.  In fact it is one of my chores that I avoid like the plague.  If you have a nasty reef tank you know what I mean. images5E5EXJZR Those crabs can poop a lot and don’t care to clean themselves.  Crab poop is not pleasant.  As poop goes crab poop really stinks and is sticky. imagesWO6MJPVX  Normally you could wait for the poop to dry out thus making it easier to pick up.  In a reef tank everything stays wet. The news story is here if you care to see it.  images4YRS4NFG

If I were a Crab

If I were a Crab I would love my reef tank for a home.  I would enjoy regular meals and not have to dodge that pesky sea gull.  My home has a great reef of rocks and sandy beach area. crabster-with-crab-450 untitled (266) I would want for nothing as my owner love to take care of me and the reef tank.  The lights in the tank keep me warm and I love not having to scrounge for something to eat.  The food is the best as in the wild I would have to settle for rotten left overs.  I even get to watch  Mo Howard West Virginia Football on my owners TV .

My Dream Fish Tank

I sit here in the dentist office waiting my turn staring at this fish tank in the waiting room with exotic fish of multiple colors. I now think to my self what is my dream fish tank if I had to choose a shape or color and what type of fish would I want to have swimming lazy like in my dream tank.  Would it be animal or human or place . I like my home décor as southwestern so I think it may be down to animal or human.  Then now the color it has to be clear of course but the sand or rock would be multicolor tan and brown.  Animal buffalo ?  Native American Indian  female or male Praying to the havens. This is what I in vision my dream tank looking like. So now I want a fish tank and some one to make it for me.  Saleh Stevens untitled (206)imagesQ5F0XXDCis on my side.

Crabs, Getting Started

Setting up your crab environment is an interesting endevour.  The old fish tank will not be the right appraoch.  You will need a Reef TankimagesI9JRZ4XP imagesTKDXJDEP to pull this off.  If you do not provide a good ecosystem for your crabs they will not thrive and may dis so heads up, you need to set up right.  Crabs need rocks to clinb on that rise above the water.  Salt water is the rule of the day and your cabs will need the right feed to survive.  Just read up and be prepared.  Dont let the details change you desire to build that Reef Tank. is a good place to start that set up.

Crabs Gone Wild

My crab escaped.  That simple statement is maybe a misspeak on my part.  The fact is that the crabs took a long ride down the toilet.  The crabs were a gift to a child that lost interest in them long ago.  The general neglect led to stink and dead crabs.  The spare the brats feelings about the demise od the little crabs I told him they escaped.  The doomed search that followed was the most fun had with the crabs ever.  The room was the first place examined for crabs and soon was eliminated from the possible hiding places.  is a good place to find crab funds.imagesBI7T1LW8