Crabby Pants

When my reef tank needs cleaning I get the crabby pants.  It is not my favorite thing to do.  In fact it is one of my chores that I avoid like the plague.  If you have a nasty reef tank you know what I mean. images5E5EXJZR Those crabs can poop a lot and don’t care to clean themselves.  Crab poop is not pleasant.  As poop goes crab poop really stinks and is sticky. imagesWO6MJPVX  Normally you could wait for the poop to dry out thus making it easier to pick up.  In a reef tank everything stays wet. The news story is here if you care to see it.  images4YRS4NFG

If I were a Crab

If I were a Crab I would love my reef tank for a home.  I would enjoy regular meals and not have to dodge that pesky sea gull.  My home has a great reef of rocks and sandy beach area. crabster-with-crab-450 untitled (266) I would want for nothing as my owner love to take care of me and the reef tank.  The lights in the tank keep me warm and I love not having to scrounge for something to eat.  The food is the best as in the wild I would have to settle for rotten left overs.  I even get to watch  Mo Howard West Virginia Football on my owners TV .

My Dream Fish Tank

I sit here in the dentist office waiting my turn staring at this fish tank in the waiting room with exotic fish of multiple colors. I now think to my self what is my dream fish tank if I had to choose a shape or color and what type of fish would I want to have swimming lazy like in my dream tank.  Would it be animal or human or place . I like my home décor as southwestern so I think it may be down to animal or human.  Then now the color it has to be clear of course but the sand or rock would be multicolor tan and brown.  Animal buffalo ?  Native American Indian  female or male Praying to the havens. This is what I in vision my dream tank looking like. So now I want a fish tank and some one to make it for me.  Saleh Stevens untitled (206)imagesQ5F0XXDCis on my side.

Crabs, Getting Started

Setting up your crab environment is an interesting endevour.  The old fish tank will not be the right appraoch.  You will need a Reef TankimagesI9JRZ4XP imagesTKDXJDEP to pull this off.  If you do not provide a good ecosystem for your crabs they will not thrive and may dis so heads up, you need to set up right.  Crabs need rocks to clinb on that rise above the water.  Salt water is the rule of the day and your cabs will need the right feed to survive.  Just read up and be prepared.  Dont let the details change you desire to build that Reef Tank. is a good place to start that set up.

Seek Inspiration for Reef Tank Additions While Diving on Vacation

ae5978f3c7bffc7fab7eb3d4fd9c0051When it comes to choosing the next addition to an existing reef tank, we are often overtaken by tremendous selection anxiety. It certainly does not help that every pet store is simply overloaded with beautiful options that make it nearly impossible to choose just one. Saltwater tank enthusiasts who are having trouble making decisions on what to add to their reef tank should take a deep breath and allow their next vacation to make this important decision instead.

It certainly seems drastic to have to travel outside of the country to choose a new addition for a reef tank, but this is not to suggest that the sole purpose of the vacation is to select the next fish, crab or coral for your tank. Since most of us travel to tropical beaches that have an abundance of coral reefs, all that is being suggested is that you simply wait until your next vacation to make your selection.

Many of the recent Occidental Vacation Club reviews have made numerous references to the highly personal experiences vacationers felt while scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal blue waters off the coast of Aruba. Taking a vacation and blocking off a day for diving could provide the type of inspiration you are looking for, and the type of fish or crab that you add to you tank can also serve as a perpetual reminder of your vacation and dive experience.

So rather than taking a trip to the pet store while hoping to be moved by one of the thousands of fish swimming through tank upon tank, allow the fish to come to you while on a dive in a beautiful and natural coral reef.

Crabs Gone Wild

My crab escaped.  That simple statement is maybe a misspeak on my part.  The fact is that the crabs took a long ride down the toilet.  The crabs were a gift to a child that lost interest in them long ago.  The general neglect led to stink and dead crabs.  The spare the brats feelings about the demise od the little crabs I told him they escaped.  The doomed search that followed was the most fun had with the crabs ever.  The room was the first place examined for crabs and soon was eliminated from the possible hiding places.  is a good place to find crab funds.imagesBI7T1LW8

Who wants Crabs?

images2LEEHVWE untitled (4)Hey look,  I like fish aquariums but crabs?  Really? These ugly little crustaceans have no place in my home. They are a mess and stink to high heaven.  I don’t even like to eat them.  I don’t even want to talk about the crab louse.  There is a reason that bitchy people are called crabby.  They look angry all the time.  Ever met a happy crab?  Who knows?  You cant read the little buggers.  If one gets out of the cage it is panic time with the kids.  Maybe not missing snake panic but definitely scary stuff if found in your shorts.  Dana Sibilsky found a crab in the toilet.  Flush time as far as I’m concerned.

Tropical Fish are Best

Tropical Fish are the most colorful and the overall best in my opinion.  There or so many to choose from seawater fish. The problem with saltwater fish is that the water has to be just right on the most colorful and exotic fish.  These fish can really cost a lot of money so you don’t want to just go buying a fish tank and filling it with fish until you do your homework first and to ask a lot of question first. untitled (8) Then start out small and less expensive until the salt water tank is just right adding the more exotic costly fish little a times to keep from losing a bundle of money getting set up and then finding out how had it is to care for and keep tanks up.  With the technology these days keep a fish tank is getting easier but not fully cheaper in the start up.  Fish are so cool and calming I love to go into offices with fish in them it just happens you relax and give a since of caring.  Dove Medical Press says that fish tanks at the doctors office are a great feature.

A Great Reef Tank Needs Plenty of Diversity

Diversity in Reef TankOne of the biggest advantages of starting a reef tank is the abundance of options that such a tank provides. In fact, a reef tank should include a great deal of diversity so that a thriving ecosystem can develop. This diversity should include everything from corals, crabs and a variety of saltwater fish.

According to Adam Kutner, an aquarium expert who keeps both saltwater and freshwater tanks, cultivating diversity in a saltwater tank is simply good for all of the inhabitants of the contained ecosystem. Each member plays a different and important role in helping the ecosystem thrive, and of course, diversity among the inhabitants makes for a more interesting and entertaining aquarium.

The beauty of a reef tank, as Kutner has pointed out on several occasions, is that the presence of corals, fish, crabs and the like function in a variety of ways that help the tank sustain itself. While some of the larger aquariums will use artificial coral, it is always preferable to utilize living coral. This will help the tank become a living ecosystem whose diverse inhabitants work together and benefit each other simply through a continued presence.

While saltwater tanks are more difficult to maintain, the fact that a reef tank can include such a great deal of diversity is well worth the effort. Most saltwater tank enthusiasts agree that they do not even notice the extra time they spend on their tanks, as they so thoroughly enjoy working on their tank so that it continues to thrive.

Crab And Fish Business Could Prosper Internationally

A business owner learning from another business owner is perhaps one of the wisest things that could be done not only for the owner, but for the business as well. We all have something to learn from each other as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” but what is even more powerful is finding someone to teach what they know.

For example, Christina Duncan is the founder of a successful fish business titled “Reefs2Go” and it is based in Tampa, Florida. The shop sells just about everything fish related that could ever cross the imagination from aquariums, live fish food such as Copepods and Amphipods, Brine Shrimp and for a limited time, Phytoplankton. If crabs are your thing, you can most definitely search the entire Florida based warehouse, which contains a hefty selection, of different crabs to choose from such as Arrow Crabs, Blue Leg Crabs, Anemone Crabs, Black Sponge Crabs and so much more right from their Reefs2Go home website.

Although Christina Duncan is highly successful in this business, she could reap far more benefits by expanding outward internationally. Expanding a business into more territories is no easy task and it’s wise to be have the guidance of someone who has done it before as Luigi Wewege has. Luigi is the founder and CEO of an international financial firm based in Auckland, New Zealand named Vivier co. and knows a thing or two about working overseas right from his computer. With him being as busy as he is, it’s no easy task to interview the CEO Luigi Wewege, but it finally happened and all the information of his background to his success was revealed.

A fish business as fine as Reefs2Go could do well in other countries overseas because the American waters hold sea life those in other countries would appreciate and would never see unless brought to them by an international company.