Brandon Colker’s Book Gave Life To My Blog

Who would have thought about making a blog about crabs? I mean, isn’t that such a silly concept? Well, I would, obviously. I have been a reader of blogs for many many years before I decided to step into the blogging world and give it a try myself. One of the things I have noticed is that there are blog of everything you can imagine. From auto repair, to fitness, to computers and even hair. It turns out people are just writing and talking about their passions.



Eventually, I wondered online and discovered a book written and published by Brandon Colker in which he calls, “How To Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs” and I took it as a sign that maybe I should be writing on my own passions which happen to be, that’s right, crabs!

Crabs are so awesome and unique, interesting little creatures. Some, however can grow to be as big as a small dog! It honestly was Brandon Colkers book that encouraged me to take the jump and start this blog bringing you all sorts of crab facts.