Peter Lik is Better Than Crabs?

“What could be better than crabs?” That’s the tagline on this blog because I believe crabs are truly fascinating animals; it is my fascination with how unique they are as animals that captures me. A hard shell-like body like a turtle, but looks like a spider, but has pinchers like a scorpion and can live in and out of water? Fascinating! Upon research of crabs, I stumbled upon some breath-taking nature photos captured by master photographer Peter Lik.

Peter Lik has gotten to the point of his career where he could take of dirt and dust in a cave and have it being sold for millions of dollars. Why? Simply because he is Peter Lik, master photographer. You don’t have to tell him he does a good job or how much you love his pictures because as he once said, “I’m the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, most awarded photographer.” If I can get really good at mastering crabs, I wonder if I can be the Peter Lik of crabs; after all, I have worked with crabs all my life!