Reefs2Go Corals Review

Cabbage CoralsIn creating and maintaining a visually appealing saltwater tank that also provides a stable environment for its inhabitants, it is very difficult to overstate the importance of utilizing the right corals based on the unique needs of the tank. Longtime tank enthusiasts will understand the nuances relating to how corals have differing needs that may make them ideal for one tank but poorly suited for another.

It is therefore important to find a provider that makes a vast array of corals available so that it is possible to find those that are both aesthetically pleasing but also suitable additions to an existing tank. After having used the services of, it appears that such a provider has been found. occupies a unique niche in the world of online commerce, providing an incredibly vast selection of sea life and equipment that can be shipped directly to the customer. Founded by a pair of aquarists who developed such a deep love for their “Wet Pets” that it became clear that the only logical course of action would be to build a business around their passion, offers tremendous value to customers who utilize the services it provides.

The sea life offered by includes everything from anemones to sea stars, but the intent of this review is to discuss the corals that the company provides through its online store. As far as the selection and the diversity that the company is able to offer, it is hard to imagine that there is any other company that can rival’s exceptional inventory, and its stated desire to educate its customers with regard to proper handling and acclimation is certainly laudable as well.

The selection of corals available through the company is vast, representing corals of various shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The corals include those that are quite commonly found in most tanks along with others that are exceedingly rare and thus very difficult to find. These in-demand corals are not priced as though they are exceptionally rare, however, and it is fairly often that they can even be found at a reduced price through the site’s daily specials page. categorizes its corals in a number of ways, sorting them by type, cost, lighting requirements or by the availability of package deals. Regardless of how they are grouped on the site, it is exceptionally likely that just about any coral can be found through The company has hard corals and soft corals, large-polyp stony corals and small-polyp stony corals, Palythoas, Zoanthds and coral frags. It has corals that thrive in everything from low-light environments to high-light environments, making it more than likely that there will be more than enough coral options regardless of the type of tank.

With regard to the pricing of these corals, it is hard to imagine a more cost-efficient company to utilize. The corals are already priced at rates that are more than fair considering how they typically sell, and it is often the case that reduces the price of even the most in-demand of corals. The company’s inventory is so expansive that it appears that it is able to offer corals at prices that seem impossible to match elsewhere, and that is before checking out the daily specials that further reduce these costs.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the site’s offerings is how visually striking all of corals appear. There are certainly corals that have functional benefits and are ideal for practical purposes, but the aesthetic appeal of’s many corals is an obvious reason for the site’s ever-growing popularity. It is possible to order these corals at a deeply reduced cost by opting for coral frags, which can be ordered in increments beginning with 1-by-1-inch frags.

Since specializes in shipping its products, it is important to note the level of care the company consistently uses in packing. In addition to its policies that work to protect the consumer despite the rarity with which damage occurs during the shipping process, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that all of the corals it ships arrive safely to customers. While customers are sure to appreciate this level of care, the company’s philosophy is to value the well-being of its “Wet Pets” above all else. When the corals arrive via shipment, it is clear that has wholeheartedly adopted this philosophy.