Crab, Pet or Food

untitled (373) untitled (372)Crab owners are a little taken aback by the fact that their chosen pet is also food.  They spend hours watching the little critters play in the reef tank.  There is just so much you can do with a crab.  They don’t fetch and cuddling is out of the question.  The stupid crab wont even come when you call its name.  Here crabby…crabby.  No…nothing.  If I wanted a crab for a pet I would go with a stuffed one.  Kim Bettasso is a proud crab owner and would never eat a crab.  If only crab would not be so yummy.

Lost Crab

OK, I haven’t told the wife but the crab is missing.  Will it show up in her bed?  Will it get crunched under her shoe.  I know that the reef tank was all my idea but the escaped crab is a problem. imagesB85U5RHH untitled (323) If the little bugger does not show up soon he will die and stat smelling.  If he stinks up the house I will be in trouble.  The tank stunk enough but escaping crabs will not be acceptable to the wife.  I don’t have a clue where that crab has gone. Home For Life Animal Sanctuary has told me their ideas on where crabs hide and I will be looking there as soon as I can without the wife noticing.

My Dream Fish Tank

I sit here in the dentist office waiting my turn staring at this fish tank in the waiting room with exotic fish of multiple colors. I now think to my self what is my dream fish tank if I had to choose a shape or color and what type of fish would I want to have swimming lazy like in my dream tank.  Would it be animal or human or place . I like my home décor as southwestern so I think it may be down to animal or human.  Then now the color it has to be clear of course but the sand or rock would be multicolor tan and brown.  Animal buffalo ?  Native American Indian  female or male Praying to the havens. This is what I in vision my dream tank looking like. So now I want a fish tank and some one to make it for me.  Saleh Stevens untitled (206)imagesQ5F0XXDCis on my side.

Crab And Fish Business Could Prosper Internationally

A business owner learning from another business owner is perhaps one of the wisest things that could be done not only for the owner, but for the business as well. We all have something to learn from each other as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” but what is even more powerful is finding someone to teach what they know.

For example, Christina Duncan is the founder of a successful fish business titled “Reefs2Go” and it is based in Tampa, Florida. The shop sells just about everything fish related that could ever cross the imagination from aquariums, live fish food such as Copepods and Amphipods, Brine Shrimp and for a limited time, Phytoplankton. If crabs are your thing, you can most definitely search the entire Florida based warehouse, which contains a hefty selection, of different crabs to choose from such as Arrow Crabs, Blue Leg Crabs, Anemone Crabs, Black Sponge Crabs and so much more right from their Reefs2Go home website.

Although Christina Duncan is highly successful in this business, she could reap far more benefits by expanding outward internationally. Expanding a business into more territories is no easy task and it’s wise to be have the guidance of someone who has done it before as Luigi Wewege has. Luigi is the founder and CEO of an international financial firm based in Auckland, New Zealand named Vivier co. and knows a thing or two about working overseas right from his computer. With him being as busy as he is, it’s no easy task to interview the CEO Luigi Wewege, but it finally happened and all the information of his background to his success was revealed.

A fish business as fine as Reefs2Go could do well in other countries overseas because the American waters hold sea life those in other countries would appreciate and would never see unless brought to them by an international company.